Where to find “The Pretty”

Corner of Richmond and Niagara

Corner of Richmond and Niagara

“So here are you exactly?”, we get that question a lot…..and we totally get it. The reason we decided to be located on the second level of a building with double security features is because it doesn’t matter how great the lashes are if staff and clients are not safe. Yes we’re located in the hottest part of Toronto – Queen West, but any hot spot has it’s not so hot activity that takes place after sun down.

Queen West - West Toronto

Queen West – West Toronto

The studio is open until 10 pm and 7 days a week, making it convenient for bookings but also making it necessary to have additional security in place. Artists are heads down and hyper focused on what they are doing – which is your lashes, they are not ┬átuned into the immediate environment. If someone were to enter the studio with a good or bad intent, the artist wouldn’t be able to react in time. So! for that reason we chose 777 Richmond St West as our Toronto home. We’re located on the second level of the Light Form Flos lofts right at the corner of Richmond and Niagara. A big steel door greets you, buzz 2023 and come on up the stairs. There’s a second security door at the top that’s on a time delay, as soon as you open that door Flirt Custom Lash Studio is the loft directly in front.

777 Richmond St West

777 Richmond St West

We swear we didn’t pick this location to make life harder by not being street level, we chose it because the space is all original wood and beyond gorgeous. Plus, it’s safe as heck….come in put your purse down, let out a deep breath and relax knowing you’re in good and a safe place. Randoms walking in?? Ain’t nobody got time for that…..

Love & Lashes xo


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