The Mommy Chronicles

When thinking about a regular beauty routine that makes you feel confident, trying to keep it cute 24/7 – few people include a busy mom as part of the group that keep such a routine. In fact, a HUGE portion of our client base are moms. Balancing children, careers, family, friends and just about everything else under the sun, moms are in need of any extra time available. Eyelash extensions have replaced the need for any kind of make up at all, their lashes open up their eyes – masking last nights lack of sleep.

Wearing no make up other than perhaps some lip gloss, these moms cruise through all their activities with a little more pep in their step. Feeling pretty with no effort at all, they can wake up – wash their face and take on the world.

Time is limited and finding time for yourself is almost impossible, we totally get that -the Toronto Studio is open 7 days a week including Sundays. It’s easier to find child care on the weekends so we kept that in mind when developing our business hours. We are also open late night, giving moms a chance to get home… feed the troops, change into comfy’s, get everyone settled in and then head to their lash appointment to get some instant pretty in their life.

Love and Lashes xo

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