Plant Power!!!!


When you step into FCL Toronto (777 Richmond St West) one of the first things you will notice is there are TONS of green plants. They’re on almost every surface, on shelves and huge Elephant Ear plants dominates in the corner of the studio. Of course there’s something about plants that make everyone feel better – any kind of green is good. However! the reason we have so many (and the collection continues to grow) is because of Lash Naps. When you’re lying in the Lazy Boy recliners getting your lashes done it’s down time, so your breathing slower and deeper. We’re using that time to give you a boost of Oxygen coming from the plants! We also use the plants to clean the air – they take in Carbon Dioxide and produce Oxygen through photosynthesis. One plant takes in most of the pollutants within a one foot circumference, the larger the plant – the larger the circumference and oxygen out put. So we figured if we made sure to have plants in every part of the Toronto then it would be like getting your lashes done in a really pretty Oxygen Bar!

Love & Lashes xo 

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