Open late…it’s a date!

Candle light and cowhide

Candle light and cowhide

Let’s face it, there isn’t enough hours in the day…work, family, health, chores – its a lot. Add it all up and there’s basically no time left to take care of the most important person: YOU!. Maintaining the “pretty” has to be wedged in between everything else on the go, carving the time out to get the “pretty” taken care of is tough stuff. We totally get it, we’re open until 10 pm Monday to Friday. Don’t stress, it isn’t the same artist working from open 10 am to close 10 pm….we do a shift switch at 6 pm. The evening artist is rested and ready to get lashy with it. You no longer have to feel guilty about being late for dinner, helping with homework or not hitting the gym (sorry that’s not longer an excuse). Go home, eat, change into your comfy’s and then head over to take care of the “pretty”.

Love & Lashes xo

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