For the Ladies


If you’ve stopped by our Eyelash Extension Studio in Toronto at 777 Richmond St West lately you might have noticed some changes. There’s been a lot going on for the ladies here and far away: the #metoo movement, the #enough statements, women of all sizes becoming relevant in fashion etc. It’s been a big year for all the ladies and frankly we deserve it!!! The Toronto Studio has always been pretty but now we wanted it to be STRONG, just like the women we service.


Like Whiskey in a Teacup our clients for strong and fragile at the same time – yes as a woman we can be both. The gallery walls continue to grow with ladies that have inspired us: Rosa Parks, Stevie Nicks, Evita Peron, Madonna….the list grows. We wanted our clients in Toronto to look pretty and feel celebrated for their strength. We’re super proud of the hard working, fierce ladies that some to see us and wanted to make them feel special….they deserve it.

Love & Lashes xo 

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