For the Ladies


If you’ve stopped by our Eyelash Extension Studio in Toronto at 777 Richmond St West lately you might have noticed some changes. There’s been a lot going on for the ladies here and far away: the #metoo movement, the #enough statements, women of all sizes becoming relevant in fashion etc. It’s been a big year for all the ladies and frankly we deserve it!!! The Toronto Studio has always been pretty but now we wanted it to be STRONG, just like the women we service.


Like Whiskey in a Teacup our clients for strong and fragile at the same time – yes as a woman we can be both. The gallery walls continue to grow with ladies that have inspired us: Rosa Parks, Stevie Nicks, Evita Peron, Madonna….the list grows. We wanted our clients in Toronto to look pretty and feel celebrated for their strength. We’re super proud of the hard working, fierce ladies that some to see us and wanted to make them feel special….they deserve it.

Love & Lashes xo 


Over it!!!


You’ve had eyelash extensions done, maybe one time or maybe many times but you’ve decided you’re over it! Having lash extensions was great, but maintaining them just wasn’t for you, so now what happens? Here are the options:

  1. You may already have an appt with us for a relash (refill) upcoming at the Toronto or Burlington Studio so! you can either call the office 1.855.721.7108 and change the booking from a relash to a removal. Or you can just let the lash artist know that you would like them removed instead of relashed.
  2. You can wait for them to grow off, as you know eyelashes grow in a cycle. Baby hair grows in and pushes the adult hair with the lash extension on it out. After 3 to 4 weeks there will almost no lashes left. Because these are classic single strand lashes they will not look gappy (is that even a word?). They will appear more and more sparse until they are gone.
  3. If you have decided to go with option #2 you can accelerate the process of the eyelash extensions coming off by applying mascara to the remaining extensions. Remember eyelash extensions HATE waterproof mascara so using it will make the lashes lift off.
  4. Here’s what you DO NOT do: do not try to remove them at home on your own. Trying to use coconut oil, baby oil or any other kind of oil and rubbing them off is not a good idea. It’s very likely you will affect your natural hair, potentially pulling it out…leaving gaps in your lash line where your natural lashes are supposed to be.
  5. All this being said, we can only remove the work done within our own studios….annoying I know. However! not all lash adhesives are the same, if a highly toxic product has been used initially our remover (a gentle remover) would not work.
  6. Does removal hurt?? no not at all….the process is very gentle, just as gentle as the application.

We’d be sad to see you go but we get it….all good things sometimes come to an end.

xo, Love and Lashes 



$75 Classic Full Sets of Eyelash Extensions

Full Set Classic Lashes

Full Set Classic Lashes

You’ve decided you want eyelash extensions (great decision btw) and you live in the city. Toronto is FILLED with tons of eyelash extension studios, they used to be hard to find – now they’re on every corner. You’re a smart consumer so you’re doing your research online, but with so many Lash Extensions Studios to look at you’re getting a bit over whelmed. So why chose FCL for lash extensions? here’s why:

  • A Full Set of Eyelash Extensions with us is exactly that: a FULL SET. We do not lash count, we book by time and 2 hrs is booked to complete the full set (in lash language that’s a lot of time). It doesn’t matter if it takes 170 lashes per side to get the lashes full, if you have 170 natural hair available then 170 extensions are applied.
  • There is NEVER an extra charge, the cost is $75 for a Full Set of Lash Extensions – that’s it…. no surprises.
  • Eyelash extensions are all we do, we don’t offer any other services. Lash application, all day every day.
  • We run on time all the time, time is valuable and so we value yours.
  • We call the Health Board, not because we want to chat but because we ask them to come inspect us every 3 months to ensure we are up to code with no exceptions.
  • You work hard for your money, we all do. Yes, it’s nice to have guilty pleasures but we didn’t want lashes to be one of them. January 2017 we LOWERED our full set prices from $150 to $75, making lashes more affordable to everyone.
  • The adhesive is formaldehyde free, manufactured in Canada with no toxins.
  • Quality: the quality of the work is still the best in the city, only the cost has lowered
  • Open 7 days a week and week days until 10 pm, you don’t have to rush from work to get your lashes done. Go home, eat, change into your comfy clothes and come get your service done.
  • Located on the second level of 777 Richmond St West, there is a double security door to ensure your safety and the safety of the FCL staff. People just can’t walk in unannounced.
  • Lash Naps: lying straight for the application is not comfortable at all, we listened to our clients and bought Lazy Boy Recliners………so much more comfortable.
  • If you’re not happy with your lashes all you have to do is tell us and we’ll fix it! we want you to be happy and some see us again.

We think that all of these are pretty good reasons to come see us: full lashes in a comfy safe environment with great prices.

Love & Lashes xo 


Lash Party Prep!

Toronto Lashes

So you’ve made the decision to get lash extensions, found the BEST spot in Toronto, know where you’re going but what do you need to do before the appointment? Not too much but here’s the deets:

  • if you’re able to come 15 mins early for the appt that would be great, it gives you time to catch your breath before we get started
  • remove your eye make up before you come, if you can’t that’s totally okay – we have make up remover and pads there….just ask for them
  • let the important peeps in your life know you’ll holler at them when you are done your lashes. Your eyes will be closed during the service so you can’t text or answer the phone
  • maybe pop to the washroom, once we get started it’s not a good idea to stop for a bathroom break
  • if you are getting a FULL SET of lashes you can expect to be with us about 1 hr 40 mins. If you are getting a HALF SET of lashes, expect to be with us about 45 mins
  • we will give you a little kit with everything you need to take care of your lashes, and a card with your instructions so don’t stress
  • they will be sealed before you leave so you can get them wet right away, shower/swimming no problem
  • we accept Visa/Mastercard or cash (no debit – sorrrrryyyyy)

That’s it! that’s all!! pretty simple right??

Love & Lashes xo



FCL Toronto – Where the heck is it??

Lashes Toronto


FCL Toronto 777 Richmond St West certainly offers the best lashes in Toronto at the best price but where the heck is it??? We’ve had more than a few people become frustrated trying to find us – even we refer to it as Narnia. There are a few really good reasons it’s on the second level and a little out of the way.

#1. Safety – because we are open until 10 pm Monday to Friday as well as 7 days a week including Sundays it’s important that everyone stays safe. 777 Richmond has a double door security feature, so you Buzz us at 2023 then come up the stairs to the top landing where there is a second door to open. The Buzzer  in our suite is only answered if we are expecting a client. This is for the safety of the artists working and for the safety of clients who are there having a little lash nap.

#2. I’m sure you’ve noticed we have the best price in Toronto, offering Full Sets of lashes for $75 with no lash count. If we were located at street level, the cost of the lease would be insane. We are only able to offer this type of pricing because the rent is more affordable on the second level and we can carry those cost savings back to our client base.

#3. The building itself is GORGEOUS, 777 Richmond was a warehouse for many years before being purchased and converted into commercial loft style space. During the renovation the integrity of the building was maintained. The floors, ceilings and lighting is all original. The wood from demolition was kept and remade into the doors to the loft spaces. The building has character, is a reminder of the history of Queen West and really is just cool AF.

So! we might not be the easiest lash studio to find in Toronto but we try our very best to be helpful and have a few really good reasons for it!

Love & Lashes xo 



Plant Power!!!!


When you step into FCL Toronto (777 Richmond St West) one of the first things you will notice is there are TONS of green plants. They’re on almost every surface, on shelves and huge Elephant Ear plants dominates in the corner of the studio. Of course there’s something about plants that make everyone feel better – any kind of green is good. However! the reason we have so many (and the collection continues to grow) is because of Lash Naps. When you’re lying in the Lazy Boy recliners getting your lashes done it’s down time, so your breathing slower and deeper. We’re using that time to give you a boost of Oxygen coming from the plants! We also use the plants to clean the air – they take in Carbon Dioxide and produce Oxygen through photosynthesis. One plant takes in most of the pollutants within a one foot circumference, the larger the plant – the larger the circumference and oxygen out put. So we figured if we made sure to have plants in every part of the Toronto then it would be like getting your lashes done in a really pretty Oxygen Bar!

Love & Lashes xo 


Pretty and Pregnant!!

Beautiful Belly

Beautiful Belly

Can pregnant women get lash extensions? Is it safe? We can’t answer that in a general sense but we can answer that question specific to Flirt Custom Lash Studio.

Word on the street is that being preggy is less than comfortable after a certain stage, lying flat in your back is no fun at all. All FCL locations have Lazy Boy recliners rather than flat esthetic beds that keep you flat on your back without any relief from the belly at all. Blankets are offered and you’re welcome to listen to anything you like – your “me time” is coming to an end so take advantage of it.

Only latex free products are used, all items used during the process of application are disposed of right after use, beds, surfaces and tools are ALWAYS disinfected in between use. However most importantly the adhesive used is safe for you and the baby, the adhesive is manufactured in Canada within CSA (Canadian Standard Acts) regulations and is 100% Formaldehyde Free.

Do we have any pregnant clients? YES!!!!! lots of them…..you never know when your going to have a pic taken so keeping The Pretty on point is important!

Love & Lashes xo 


No Counting!!!

Full Set of Lashes - No Lash Count!!

Full Set of Lashes – No Lash Count!!

We get this question a lot “how many lashes do you get in a Full Set?”, in the lash biz that’s called Lash Counting. Referring to the number of lashes applied for the price given ie/ 60 lashes per eye for a certain amount of money. If you’re not in the business of doing lashes then what does that mean exactly? is that a lot of lashes? will the final result be full?. Anyone that does not design and apply lashes for a living should not be expected to be able to answer that question. In order to keep things simple – we do not Lash Count when doing a FULL SET ($75) or a RELASH ($50 within 3 weeks). We apply as many extensions as needed in order to complete the look as long as there is a natural eyelash hair to apply it to. The same is done during a RELASH appt, we apply extensions as needed in order to refill the lash line back to full.

Love & Lashes xo


Microblading The Brows



Brows on point is every girls goal….pencils, powders, gels are dipped and mixed to create the perfect arch. All of us are getting busier and busier and the idea of waking up made up becomes more appealing as the days shorten. You have your wake up made up lashes on but now what about the brows? Microblading or 3 D brows have become more and more popular. A technique where tiny little strokes are cut into the shape of a perfect brow and then filled with dye. It looks exactly like hair….if done properly by a trained artist.

Like anything that gains in popularity, there are some offering this service after getting very little training. This service is something to be taken very seriously as it involves blood, the small cuts will bleed and the results are permanent. We’re seeing lash artists, make up artists, tanning salons all offering micro bladed brows and it scares the doodle out of us. We offer extensions and only lash extensions because we are experts in the eye and it’s possible complications. Mico blading should be no different, if the artist is a “jack of all trades” then there’s a possibility they are a master of none. The space should be sterile, with visible bio hazard bins and equipment disinfectant, the process should NEVER be done without gloves, face mask and a clear understanding of the risks.

Wake Up TOTALLY Made Up

Wake Up TOTALLY Made Up

Eye The Brows is one of the best in the business, her attention to detail is incredible. The actual application is done relatively quickly, however ensuring the brows are perfect takes time. Rulers, pictures, angles and even string are used to create brow perfection. The environment is sterile and soothing, Eye The Brows has a strong portfolio and continues her education. Sommer the owner of FCL is one of Eye The Brows very happy clients – waking up TOTALLY made up is an everyday thing for her.

Love & Lashes xo 



Autumn Lash Loss


The leaves are falling and so are your lashes, you’re noticing that as the cooler temperatures start your eyelash extensions seem to be falling at a faster rate. No, your lashes aren’t throwing a temper tantrum and throwing themselves on the ground in protest to summer being over. Here’s what is really happening:

  • We grow more hair in the summer to protect our skin all over our bodies to prevent burning. A lay over from our ancestors, the hair growth speeds up and develops stronger follicles to cover the skin. Cave people didn’t have sunscreen so the body had to step to the plate to help out. You may notice that you have to wax/shave more in the summer than you do in the winter. A common myth is that we grow more hair in the winter to keep warm, not true – I think that’s an excuse made by Cave Ladies so they didn’t have keep up with the up keep (wink wink).
  • Adding to that: in the cooler months we don’t get as much exposure to sunlight because it’s chilly, our bodies are covered so the skin is no longer acting like a solar panel transmitting Vitamin D and the hours of actual sunlight is much shorter. Vitamin D is key in hair growth, it helps to develop the iron in our food into the good stuff that helps the hair to grow and stay strong. We suddenly go into Vitamin withdrawal (better than champagne withdrawal in our opinion). The hair follicles went from a buffet of Vitamin D to Vitamin D starvation. It’s a shock to the system and the hair follicles release the hair in protest.

Keep in mind, your lashes aren’t the only hair that sheds during this process – the hair on your head will do the same thing. Don’t panic, this is normal….it’s been going on since the beginning of man.

Here’s the good news: this will level itself out within 4 weeks, or in lash language basically one relash cycle. You will have a big shed…panic….show up for your lash appt certainly more bare in the lash department than usual….exclaim “I don’t know what happened??!!. This is what happened, no biggie and we’ll get you fixed right up. You can also get yourself on a good Vitamin D supplement to help with the absorption of iron and other good stuff you need.

Love & Lashes xo


Where to find “The Pretty”

Corner of Richmond and Niagara

Corner of Richmond and Niagara

“So here are you exactly?”, we get that question a lot…..and we totally get it. The reason we decided to be located on the second level of a building with double security features is because it doesn’t matter how great the lashes are if staff and clients are not safe. Yes we’re located in the hottest part of Toronto – Queen West, but any hot spot has it’s not so hot activity that takes place after sun down.

Queen West - West Toronto

Queen West – West Toronto

The studio is open until 10 pm and 7 days a week, making it convenient for bookings but also making it necessary to have additional security in place. Artists are heads down and hyper focused on what they are doing – which is your lashes, they are not  tuned into the immediate environment. If someone were to enter the studio with a good or bad intent, the artist wouldn’t be able to react in time. So! for that reason we chose 777 Richmond St West as our Toronto home. We’re located on the second level of the Light Form Flos lofts right at the corner of Richmond and Niagara. A big steel door greets you, buzz 2023 and come on up the stairs. There’s a second security door at the top that’s on a time delay, as soon as you open that door Flirt Custom Lash Studio is the loft directly in front.

777 Richmond St West

777 Richmond St West

We swear we didn’t pick this location to make life harder by not being street level, we chose it because the space is all original wood and beyond gorgeous. Plus, it’s safe as heck….come in put your purse down, let out a deep breath and relax knowing you’re in good and a safe place. Randoms walking in?? Ain’t nobody got time for that…..

Love & Lashes xo



The Mommy Chronicles

When thinking about a regular beauty routine that makes you feel confident, trying to keep it cute 24/7 – few people include a busy mom as part of the group that keep such a routine. In fact, a HUGE portion of our client base are moms. Balancing children, careers, family, friends and just about everything else under the sun, moms are in need of any extra time available. Eyelash extensions have replaced the need for any kind of make up at all, their lashes open up their eyes – masking last nights lack of sleep.

Wearing no make up other than perhaps some lip gloss, these moms cruise through all their activities with a little more pep in their step. Feeling pretty with no effort at all, they can wake up – wash their face and take on the world.

Time is limited and finding time for yourself is almost impossible, we totally get that -the Toronto Studio is open 7 days a week including Sundays. It’s easier to find child care on the weekends so we kept that in mind when developing our business hours. We are also open late night, giving moms a chance to get home… feed the troops, change into comfy’s, get everyone settled in and then head to their lash appointment to get some instant pretty in their life.

Love and Lashes xo


Toronto’s Top Lash Studio!!

In November of 2015 Flirt Custom Lash Studio was named within the TOP 5 EYELASH EXTENSION SALON’S in Toronto!. Usually we “fish” for compliments and LOVE hearing how wonderful we are and how beautiful the Queen West loft space is. However! this time we got one of the biggest compliments from BlogTo we could ask for – named in the Top 5 Eyelash Extensions Salons in Toronto. We have worked hard to get on that list, providing affordable eyelash extensions in a market where the price of this beauty service keeps rising. Open 7 days a week including Sundays and staying open late evening so after work appointments aren’t such a rush. The greatest feather in our Lash Cap is that we are the ONLY eyelash extension studio that offers just eyelash extensions. Applying lashes all day everyday to a variety of clients is all we do at all of the locations, in order to be the best we felt it important to focus solely on extensions – seamless application and design.

So not for nothing, we busted ACE to get on that list of the Top Eyelash Extension Studios and we deserve to be there dammit! 

Love and Lashes xo