7 Day Guarantee

  You work hard for the money, we all do! The cost of living, especially in the city of Toronto is high, housing..food...life basically. Many of us have a full time job and a side hustle in order to make ends meet. When there's a little bit of extra money you want to treat yourself to something that makes you feel good, like lashes. You decided to come and see us for that special treat and we appreciate it! How much does it suck when you decide to do something for yourself, spent the money and it doesn't meet your expectations. Perhaps the extensions did not hold up, maybe a few were uncomfortable, they aren't delivering the "BOOM BANG YASSSSSS" you were looking for. Doesn't matter, you're not happy and that's the bottom line ..first of all, we're so sorry!! and secondly we are would be MORE than happy to fix them for you. We have a 7 day Guarantee on all of our work, regardless of service type (relash or full set Classic, Hybrid or Volume). Please give us a call 1.855.721.7108 or email us and we would be thrilled to book a complimentary (free) service for you. This is not awkward at all for us, we would much rather you were happy with the service and felt valued as a client then lose you as a client. Love and Lashes xo