FCL Toronto – Where the heck is it?

  FCL Toronto eyelash extensions studio directions FCL Toronto 777 Richmond St. West offers the best lashes in Toronto at the best price, but where the heck is it?? We've had more than a few people become frustrated trying to find us. There are a few really good reasons it's on the second level and a little out of the way. #1. Safety - because we are open until 10 pm Monday to Friday as well as 7 days a week including Sundays it's important that everyone stays safe. 777 Richmond has a double door security feature, so you Buzz us at 2023 then come up the stairs to the top landing where there is a second door to open. The Buzzer in our suite is only answered if we are expecting a client. This is for the safety of the artists working and for the safety of clients who are there having a little lash nap. #2. I'm sure you've noticed we have the best price in Toronto, offering Full Sets of lash extensions¬†for $75, with no lash count. If we were located at street level, the cost of the lease would be insane. We are only able to offer this type of pricing because the rent is affordable on the second level and we can carry those cost savings back to you. #3. The building itself is GORGEOUS, 777 Richmond was a warehouse for many years before being purchased and converted into a commercial loft style space. During the renovation the integrity of the building was completely maintained. The floors, ceilings and lighting is all original. The wood from demolition was kept and remade into the doors to the loft space entrances. The building has character, is a reminder of the history of Queen West and really is just cool AF. So! we might not be the easiest lash studio to find in Toronto, but we try our very best to be the best! Love & Lashes xo¬†